Building Reefs And Nurseries for Coral Habitats
Welcome to BRANCH Coral, where our mission is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of coral reefs through innovative practices. We believe in proactive conservation efforts to safeguard these vital ecosystems, which are facing unprecedented threats from climate change, pollution, and human activities.

Coral reefs are not only beautiful underwater landscapes; they are crucial ecosystems supporting a diverse array of marine life and providing essential services to coastal communities. Over 6 million people worldwide depend on coral reefs for food, livelihoods, and cultural heritage. They also offer employment, recreation, coastline protection, and even medical resources.

At BRANCH Coral, we're committed to proactive reef restoration efforts, including building coral nurseries and filling them with endangered staghorn coral to bolster the resilience of these fragile ecosystems. But we don't stop there. Through our educational programs, we raise awareness about coral reef importance and empower individuals to take action in conservation. Community engagement is central to our mission. We collaborate with local stakeholders to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility for reef protection. Join us in our journey to preserve these invaluable ecosystems for future generations.

The BRANCH Coral Foundation was founded in 2022. BRANCH Coral Foundation has a certified ANBI status: RSIN 8272.81.249