Coral nurseries for reef resilience

At Branch Coral, we're dedicated to the vital task of constructing coral nurseries, which serve as sanctuaries for corals (especially the staghorn coral) in need. These nurseries provide a controlled environment where corals can flourish, fostering their growth and resilience. With expertise in crafting underwater structures, our team establishes the foundations for these nurseries, creating optimal habitats for coral recovery. Through this endeavor, we aim not only to aid in coral restoration but also to bolster the overall health of coral reef ecosystems.

Building coral nurseries
Our team specializes in designing and building underwater structures, such as frames and racks, that serve as the foundation for our nurseries.

With careful consideration of the unique requirements of the staghorn coral, we ensure that each nursery is tailored to maximize the chances of successful coral transplantation and long-term survival.

By creating suitable habitats for corals, we aim to facilitate the recovery of the staghorn coral in Curaçao and contribute to the overall health of coral reef ecosystems.
Transplanting and growing corals
Once the nurseries are in place, our dedicated team carefully selects healthy coral fragments or colonies for transplantation. These corals are strategically placed within the nurseries, where they can thrive and grow under optimal conditions. Through methods such as fragmentation, we propagate new corals, promoting genetic diversity and resilience within reef populations. With meticulous care and attention to detail, we monitor the growth of transplanted corals, ensuring their success in the nursery environment.
Maintaining healthy environments
Maintaining the health of coral nurseries is essential for the success of our restoration efforts. Our team regularly conducts maintenance activities, including cleaning structures, monitoring water quality parameters, and preventing the accumulation of sediment and debris.

By creating and maintaining healthy environments within the nurseries, we maximize the chances of survival and growth for transplanted corals, ultimately enhancing the resilience of coral reef ecosystems.