Education Another core goal of BRANCH coral foundation is to educate the local and international community about the value of our coral reef ecosystem and to raise awareness on its fragility. BRANCH coral, together with CARMABI education center, is currently teaching 20+ high school classes in Curaçao about corals and how our waste affects their development. Corals are constantly under pressure due to human influences, and it is important to spread awareness about protecting and restoring corals as a vital part of our ecosystem. Found within the waters of over 100 countries, at least 6 million people depend on fishing near coral reefs. Coral reefs are essential for human well being as they are a source of food, employment, recreational opportunities, coastline protection and even medical products and culture. Reef-related tourism globally generates nearly 36 billion dollars per year (knowlton et al., 2021). It is all connected. Internships BRANCH Coral Foundation also offers students the chance to do their internship with our foundation. Interns will contribute to our goals and will have the chance to develop their own research question. Volunteers We also work with volunteers and teach them how to dive and learn how to use coral restoration skills to maintain a healthy coral nursery. PADI BRANCH Coral Restoration Speciality Diver Course BRANCH also has its own PADI BRANCH Coral Restoration Specialty Diver Course where guests learn how to become a PADI coral restoration specialty diver during a single day course with a presentation and two dives under guidance of a Specialty Instructor.