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Restoring Reefs Together

BRANCH stands for Building Reefs And Nurseries for Coral Habitats

The BRANCH Coral Foundation was founded in 2022. Our work restores and enhances Curaçao’s beautiful coral reefs using a range of restoration techniques, such as building coral nurseries filled with endangered staghorn coral and educating the local and international community. We also give our volunteers the chance to become a part of our team and to contribute to our coral restoration efforts through a fun and informative diving experience.

BRANCH Coral Foundation has a certified ANBI status: RSIN 8272.81.249

Max van Aalst


Max is a MSc marine biologist graduate. After finishing his studies in the Netherlands he decided to move back to the island where he grew up, Curaçao, to fight for the coral reefs he fell in love with as a child. Besides being a biologist, Max has a passion for diving, teaching and entrepreneurship. Working with nature, rather than against it is his mission.

Maarten van der Kuijl

Board member

Max van Aalst


Max has a Master in Informatics and is an experienced business consultant and manager. He has a strong affinity with diving, nature and sustainability. In 2006 he emigrated to Curacao together with his family and started his own diving school. Since 2008 worked as a consultant and as a director of a government owned entity. He now had his own business and focusses on Consultancy and Marketing. He strongly believes that only a combination of passion and business will lead to excellent results.

Noëlla Bérénos-Ruivenkamp

Board Member

Noëlla Bérénos-Ruivenkamp can be characterized as passionate with a high positive energy. She is specialized in the areas of Vision development, Strategy planning, Organizational development and HR management. Noëlla has extensive experience in supporting companies in setting their long term ambitions and making sure these are translated into yearly realistic goals and operational plans.

Daniel Corsen

Board Member

Olle Juch


Olle Juch is currently pursuing a degree in Coastal and Marine Management at the Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands. During her 4-month internship at BRANCH, she will concentrate on the growth and survival of our corals in different environments.

Olivia Grubenmann


Olivia Grubenmann grew up in Switzerland and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Marine Conservation at the Université Côte d'Azur. With her background in communication and her passion for Ocean Literacy she will support the foundations' communication efforts and maintenance of the coral nurseries.

Jente van Langerak


Jente van Langerak is currently doing her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Radboud University in Nijmegen. As part of her thesis she is conducting research on coral restoration with BRANCH.

Monica Lafon


Monica Lafon is based in Mexico. She has a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy from Sciences Po Paris. With her background in public relations and outreach, she helped BRANCH become a member of the Ocean&Climate Platform as well as connect with Accenture Development Partnerships and Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

  • Kaya Greis, Tera Kora, Curaçao

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Join us in our mission to restore Curacao’s beautiful coral reefs! By understanding and caring for the wonders of the ocean, we impact the entire planet – and protect its future, too. So, are you ready? It’s time to make your mark and get started with restoring our reefs.


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Coral Growth of 2022 and plans for 2023

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Vidanova has partnered with BRANCH Coral Foundation to strive for a sustainable future of Curacao both above and below water.